Being in the Fitness industry for 22 years has taught me a lot of things. One thing has always bothered me and hasn’t really changed: The vast majority of Fitness Professionals don’t last in the industry for more than a year. How can it be that a profession so rewarding, a profession that is helping people change their life can have so much turn over?

The hours are difficult —  no question there. It’s hard to maintain a work-life balance with split shifts, but I don’t think that’s the reason. The service oriented nature of the job can also be mentally and emotionally taxing, but not so much as to outweigh the rewarding nature of the work.. The problem resides in Fitness Professionals not being able to make the income they need to stay in the industry.

Performance Fuel and Nutrition was created to address that need. Our plan is simple — we started by creating products that Fitness Professionals can actually trust. Products with no proprietary blends — after all how can a true professional recommend a product when they don’t actually know what’s in it? All of our product meet the highest standards and everything is included in the nutritional facts. Second, we researched optimal dosages for maximum performance. The supplement industry thrives on uneducated people buying products due to flashy names and fitness models commissioned to sell products they themselves never actually used (believe me I have been there and done that). The industry, still to this day, hides behind proprietary blends to underdose the more effective (and more costly) ingredients. Lastly, we created a commission structure so strong that it actually impacts Fitness Professionals lives and allows them to make a residual income by referring  quality products at reasonable prices.

Our mission is to keep dedicated Fitness Professionals in the industry they love by creating quality products they trust enough to recommend to clients, family and friends!

Check out our products — more will be coming as they are manufactured — and then check out our igniter program to see how you can join our team.