Before there was a product or a company there was a need.  Like so many adults, I (Shawn Turner, founder of Performance Fuel and Nutrition) struggled with sleep.  I was working many hours, doing shift work, and started suffering from night-time waking.  I would wake up at 1:00 AM and be up for hours before I could fall back asleep, just in time to wake up for the day and start the cycle over again.


Even on days I didn’t have to work late into the night, the high-stress nature of my job left me restless and sleepless. On top of that, due to an old injury, when I could sleep I was constantly waking to shift positions, leading to very shallow sleep.


The stress, the pain, and, most importantly, the lack of sleep were taking a toll on my health, both physical and emotional. I had to find a solution to give me some relief. I wanted to find a solution that would soothe my nerves and ease me into a deeper sleep and keep me there, but I wanted to avoid the addictive nature of sleep drugs, hormones (like Melatonin), and grogginess that accompanied other sleep products out on the market.


So the experimentation and education began, and over the next year, I swear tried every natural supplement on the market. Sadly, nothing on the market was getting me the sleep I needed. I came to the conclusion that there wasn’t a product that was going to work for me, but that doesn’t mean I was going to give up on getting the sleep I needed. If a product didn’t exist yet then I would make one.  I researched individual components, minerals, and vitamins that had purported sleep benefits.  I studied common micronutrient deficiencies and how they impacted sleep. I bought various bulk powders and experimented on myself to see what actually helped me sleep. After all that trial and education, I finally came up with a formulation that drastically improved my sleep patterns. I could sleep through the night! I could sleep without needing to shift positions in the night! Even on nights, I didn’t get a full 7 hours of sleep, I woke up feeling refreshed! It literally changed my life.


I couldn’t keep this exciting news to myself.  As friends mentioned the issues they had with sleep I would tell them about my sleep formulation and mix some up for them to try.  When they experienced similar results I decided that maybe this could be the answer to so many people’s issues with sleep.  I looked into production and bottling of my sleep formulation and Stasis was born!