Stasis Sleep Enhancer

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Stasis Sleep Enhancer

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If Other Products Haven't Worked, Here's What to Expect with Stasis:

FALL ASLEEP FASTER: Stasis is formulated to balance your body’s natural sleep cycles to help you achieve deeper sleep, help you feel relaxed, and help relieve stress. The hardest thing about getting good sleep is actually getting to sleep!

STAY ASLEEP: What good is deep sleep if you can’t stay there. Constantly being pulled out of deep sleep (if you can get there) by the someone driving by outside or the neighbor’s dog barking can really interrupt the amount of deep sleep you get. Stasis helps you to stay in the deep sleep your body needs to recover, recharge and ready!

WAKE UP WITH PURPOSE: The whole point of this is to feel better in the morning. What good is deep sleep if you feel groggy, tired and lethargic in the morning? Most of our customers report around 5 hours but feeling like they slept for 8 good hours of sleep. The reason you took this is to feel better, isn’t it?

WHAT’S IN STASIS: Stasis is made from three ingredients Magnesium Citrate, L-Tryptophan, and Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid. All sourced in the USA and checked for purity and safety.

QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST WITH A 45 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We stand behind all our products if you’re not happy with the results to let us know within 45 days to process your refund! Performance Fuel and Nutrition Products are made in the USA

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ProductStasis Sleep Enhancer
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It really works well

It really works well. I’m waking up rested for the first time in my life. It looks like the bottle is not full but that’s because they’re using a 12 ounce bottle for 4 ounces of product which is a month supply. So it’s OK if the bottle looks like it’s only about a third full.

Highly recommend

these are amazing, have tried multiple products and this is by far the best!!!

This is working better for me than prescription drugs.

This is working very well for me. Give it 10 days to 2 weeks. I have not taken prescription medications for sleep for about 6 weeks. I have not slept through the night for years, truly. I have changed many things, and this is one of them. I have slept through the night nearly every night this calendar year, since I have been taking these. I am cautiously optimistic this will continue working.

Sleeping so well..... go into ...

Sleeping so well…..go into that deep sleep and seem to not need as many hours of sleep because I wake up rested. I take only two at night before bed, but you have to find what works for you. Also helps my leg cramps tremendously.


This stuff works really well, and even helps me when I have my night panic attacks. So glad I found them!


I am really surprised by this product. I honestly have had a better success rate with this than prescription sleep meds. And I do not notice any side effects the next day. Give this a try if you stay up worrying all night and your mind races. This really helped me get back into a sleep pattern and after a couple months I do not use anything at all. Kinda pricey tho if you require more than one at night.

These work, these really really work!

So, I’ve come to be pretty jaded when it comes to product claims. I’m not even sure why I tried these in the first place. Maybe just one of those moments of weakness that can come from lack of sleep! Well imagine my surprise, THESE WORK!I’ve been taking these for about a month. No, they won’t “knock you out” like some sleeping pills, but my experience is that they take that edge off to calm your mind, let fall asleep and help you stay asleep. An added benefit is that you don’t wake up groggy in the morning, only to spend the next day feeling like a zombie. No, they also won’t prevent you from never ever ever having another sleepless night. These are very gentle.For those who mention having really wild dreams or nightmares, I have not had that experience. Yes I have more dreams (both good and bad), but here’s a newsflash… you have to actually fall asleep to have any dreams at all! So, I’d say that means these really really work.

... getting to sleep sunday nights -- but these work super well. Better than anything we've tried

My husband has trouble getting to sleep sunday nights — but these work super well. Better than anything we’ve tried.

Sweet Dreams

***30 day update, Just ordered 2nd bottle. This product actually regulates your sleep cycle. So even when you don’t take it you sleep better and soundly. I suffered from Insomnia for years and took Ambien which was not only addictive and gives you Alzheimer’s but also not as effective***Original Review:Not a gimmick. If you’re on the fence about purchasing then hopefully this review will sway you to the checkout line. This is a powerful product and I have been getting a great night sleep. If your looking for deep REM sleep, look no further… I’ll be back to purchase another bottle. Thanks Stasis!!!!!!!!!! ***This review was NOT paid for****

Amazing! I have a prescription of Clonazepam for horrible ...

Amazing! I have a prescription of Clonazepam for horrible insomnia and other anxiety issues,and I pretty much never need to take the Clonazepam because of this natural alternative. I have sound sleep and it helps me to fall asleep quickly. This supplement is a God-send since I really don’t like taking drugs unless needed. I would give this 10 stars instead of 5 if I could. It helps my husband fall asleep too and he will stay up until 5am and it is really annoying, since he works until 11 and then can’t sleep. Now he comes to bed at 1:30 and it’s really nice.

SO Pleased I have found these

I am so overjoyed I found these in time for my new job. Lately I keep waking up and find it hard to go back to sleep, but with these, I feel like I sleep deeper and if I do wake, I go straight back to sleep. It feels like a natural sleep cycle and not the knock out pills I’ve tried from the pharmacy that leave you groggy. I really recommend these because the sleep quality I get with this is superb. What a relief!


I have pretty bad insomnia, and was a bit skeptical. But the reviews on this product are spot on! It seems to affect me almost immediately. I start to feel very relaxed, and it’s so easy to get comfortable and drift away! I can’t recommend this enough, in fact, I’m really considering trying out the other products they have. Love that its natural too. 🙂

Great Sleep Aid

The delivery of this product was so fast, worked perfect, after taking 2 capsules, I just hit the pellow and I am fast asleep

It was good

Loved it.

Wonderful product!!

I love these! I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or not, but I sleep the whole night! I used to wake up 1 or 2 times during the night. I also like the fact that I wake up and am not drowsy or anything. I just feel rested and refreshed!

It was originally referred to me by my doctor since I don't like the prescription sleep pills

This was actually a refill order. It was originally referred to me by my doctor since I don’t like the prescription sleep pills. The minute my head hits the pillow the wheels in my head start turning. These actually calm that down and I fall asleep quickly. It took about three days of taking it until I noticed the difference. Now I take every nite. Works for me.


I am VERY pleased with the effectiveness of this product. My fiance and I have been using standard sleep aids containing diphenhydramine for the past few years and have noticed issues with short term memory impairment. We have recently tried ZZZquil and some natural sleep aids and they just don’t lead to a refreshing sleep. This product leaves you feeling fresh and alert after a good night’s rest. Neither of us have had any issues getting out of bed in the morning after taking this product. One pill does the trick. It takes about 30 minutes to kick in and when it does, be prepared to pass out and not remember falling asleep.

Must try if you have sleep issues

As far as i know there are two kinds of sleep issues – 1. Trouble falling asleep 2. Trouble staying asleep. For me, mostly it was the latter. Have been taking these for 4 days now and do not have any issues in falling back to sleep after I get up to use the restroom. Also, I feel super refreshed in the morning. I took two of these last night and slept for 11 hours straight. Have used ambien, alprazolam, doxylamine, alteril, nightrest etc… in the past but this seems to be the best. Great results thus far.

so good. It's helped me to sleep on the flight ...

I travel twice a month to germany and my.colleagues takes Ambien. My system can’t handle that medication so had to search for something more natural. So far, so good. It’s helped me to sleep on the flight to keep on the country’s time zone.

sometimes having a 4am airport pickup--not easy to fall asleep early to get a decent amount ...

My friend told me about this product and I was skeptical about it, especially about it not causing grogginess. I am a flight attendant and constantly have to get adjusted to different time zones, sometimes having a 4am airport pickup–not easy to fall asleep early to get a decent amount of sleep. All I can say is that this was a game changer for me. I don’t go to work without it and take it when I am ready to sleep…and I stay asleep. It’s great! No hangover from it like other sleep aids I’ve taken. Co-workers hassle me for it now, haha.

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