Smoke Pre-Workout - 30 Servings

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Smoke Pre-Workout - 30 Servings

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Our SMOKE pre-workout supplement is for anyone looking to have more strength, energy, focus and endurance before and during their workout.

Whether you’re looking to make some serious gains, break out of your plateau or prepare for competition, SMOKE pre-workout supplement has everything you need to gain the advantage.


Why should you choose SMOKE?

Science Based Doses:

Anecdotal evidence may be good for some, but SMOKE couples that with science-based research. All our ingredients have been researched, ensuring your pre-workout supplement gives you the safest, most effective results available.

Above all, you want results. That’s why we don’t skimp on the quality of our sourcing, testing or manufacturing. And we don’t cut costs by under-dosing, either—we provide the full dose of every ingredient in every bottle, based on the latest scientific research.

No proprietary blends:

At Performance Fuel and Nutrition, we’re up front about everything we put in our products—if it’s in the bottle, it’s on the label.

We believe that part of our responsibility is to help educate you on what works best and why. By helping you understand the facts, you’ll be as confident in our workout supplements as we are. That’s why we include the dose of every active ingredient right on the label.

You Don’t have to Take Our Word for It:

 We know that our SMOKE pre-workout supplement will help get you the fitness results you crave, so we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

 Check out what our satisfied customers are saying about us below, and buy with confidence knowing that all our workout supplements are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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ProductSmoke Pre-Workout - 30 Servings
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Very Pleased with Results

I’m 125lbs, I only use half a scoop and it’s very effective. I go to the gym after work, so this is perfect for getting me motivated at the end of a long day. It does make me very sweaty and tingly, but I don’t really consider those negative side effects. After a good hour into the work out, the most intense effects subside, but I still have enough energy to go home, cook dinner, walk the dog, and clean the house. I haven’t ever experienced a crash on this pre-workout, either.

I love this product

I love this product! It gives me enough energy and focus without feeling jittery. Taste great too!! I feel good about using it because of the clean ingredients. Highly recommend.

Awesome pre workout!

Quality ingredients and everything is all natural and tastes greatdefinitely feel it when I work out and want to take more of it

Highly Recommend this Product ! You Won't Train Without It Again !!! - Awesome Taste, 100% Focus and Energy without the Crash

I’ve been training for over 14 years trying different types of pre-workouts and without doubt find this not only the best product to date that gave me the focus and energy to smash out a solid workout accompanied with cardio (which in most cases I cant be bothered and convince myself I’ll do it another day) but also solves major issues other products just can’t get right.* NO Crash and Jitters* NO being awake at 3 am because of a caffeine high* NO headaches and other digestive issues* NO solvent like chemical tasteI have read a small amount of the negative reviews about the taste which is total crap. Firstly, this a high performance pre-workout not a F***** milkshake from Smoothie King… most of these people prob have no problem downing tequila shots with their squad on the weekend, but then suddenly become fine dining beverage connoisseur critics for a pre-workout ???The Peach tastes great and will be trying the other flavors when they come out

Works great, I do not feel all jittery like some ...

Works great, I do not feel all jittery like some of the other pre workouts, and gives me enough extra push to get through the hard cardio days! The taste is mild and not overpowering!

Makes me feel great with no jitters but definite increased energy and stamina

This is a delicious pre-workout and some of the cleanest ingredients you’ll find out there. I notice a significant difference in my endurance in cardio and weight training- even for several hours. Makes me feel great with no jitters but definite increased energy and stamina!

No jitters here

This is a great pre-workout that does not leave you feeling shaky. The flavour is yum with no taurine after taste. You feel energised and focused, this is definitely a keeper.

Small scoop, big boost.

I don’t take preworkouts often but when I do, I use them for morning runs when I’m not motivated to leave the house. First time I tried this I took one scoop…and cleaned the whole house top to bottom. I wanted to clean anyway, but I was pumped to get it done. For my morning runs I take two scoops as I leave the house and drink it on my drive. Two scoops is when I can feel the Beta-Alanine (it makes my ear lobes itch). The small scoop packs a lot of punch. Flavor wise the peach was amazing I mixed less water and had no strong supplement taste to it. It mixed very well. Overall I was very happy with this product.

Best energy mix I've ever bought

Best energy mix I’ve ever bought! Great taste, laser focus, and best of all no jitters. Highly recommend for an energy boost!

Taste is great compared to others I have tried

Have been using this for 3 weeks. Iam always looking for all natural products for my pre and post workout supplements. I found thought I would give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised! Taste is great compared to others I have tried. Gives me the boost of energy I need after work before I head to the gym but is still mild enough to not have the side effects of other pre work outs with synthetic ingredients.

Reviews speak for itself!

I have always been apprehensive about using any sort of pre-workout. I tried C4 which was already pre-made to-go which I picked up at GNC and I didn’t care to much for it. It gave me tingly needle feeling over my body. This stuff, I took the chance on buying a whole can of because I saw the reviews and the reviews alone show that this is worth a try. I used it today after having a long day and it gave me the boost to have one my best gym workouts to date. I ran well and still had loads of energy to put in many pumps on the weights. I highly recommend. Price is right too!

It does feel itchy when taking it

When I first tried it, my hands got really itchy but it also kept me going through my workout and also helps me sweat more and keep my heart rate up.

We LOVE it. We use it primarily before our CrossFit ...

My husband and I have been using this product for the last 7 months, and we LOVE it. We use it primarily before our CrossFit workouts but have also used it to fuel us for long bike rides or runs. The taste is great, and I really like how clean the ingredients are compared to other pre-workout products. It’s a bit on the pricey side but I’d say it’s worth if for the quality. I highly recommend too.

Great product!

After literally trying every preworkout on the market and just about giving up on them secondary to experiencing anxiety from the high caffeine I came across this product! It gives you everything you want from aPreworkout and more! I could take this at 7pm and still go to sleep no problem and with no anxiety from too much caffeine! I am extremely pleased with this preworkout and it even tastes great!

This gives me a push

My husband I workout 6 days a week at home and drinking preworkout drink gives a little more push. We tried several different product and this one is great. Taste is so good too. Great stuff!

Ignition Eminent

A smoking blast in the right direction love this product thank you proformancefuelandnutrition


I finally found a product that doesn’t cause jitters and that gives me the extra boost I need to get through a workout. I am very happy with the product. I will be buying again.

Great energy.

After trying this product, I would recommend it for those looking for a solid overall pre-workout supplement. The energy is quite steady and does not peak then drop like others. You will not feel super cracked out or get that almost “high” feeling. Just nice sustained energy and focus throughout your entire workout. Was able to stay in the zone the whole time. Great pre.

Great Product

Tried SMOKE before my shoulder day and it gave me the right amount push to blast my shoulders. Felt great and no harsh side effects! Truly recommend!

Tastes good and works well

This tastes good and works well. It’s not like some of that crazy stuff that I swear has cocain in it, this doesn’t make your heart feel like it’s gonna explode either

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