You Are Gaining 56 Pounds a Year Because Your Sleep Sucks!

When looking for something to help you achieve your potential I encourage you to do your due diligence. Look for products like Stasis, Our own all natural sleep aid that will help your body produce the factors and hormones it needs to get deep, restorative sleep. Look for products that are upfront about the ingredients and doses. Look for products that can help you reach the point that your sleep is recovered, and can then be used on an as-needed basis.


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What’s in a Good Preworkout?

I love preworkout! I could easily be called a junkie. My fascination with the effects of preworkout started with my first scoop of N.O. XPLODE. I still remember that day 15 years ago. I remember I hated doing legs just as much as I do today but I felt the rush and the energy. I felt superhuman and my obsession with the benefits of preworkout began.


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