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Saved Her Life

My daughter has battled insomnia her whole life this helped her sleep. Thank you so much for what you have done for her it has changed hers and our life for the better! - Jared

Stasis works.

After trying other things that either gave me nightmares or didn’t work I started taking stasis. I noticed I have more energy the next day and overall I’m feeling much better. I have a history of having a hard time falling asleep. But stasis gives me the sleep that I need. Excellent product! - Osa

So Glad I Tried it!

When I ordered my first bottle I was very skeptical but desperate. I have been struggling to get a good nights sleep for years. After taking 2 pills every night for 7 days I could not tell any difference. I was so disappointed but I continued on. After about 14 days I could tell it was beginning to work. I ordered another bottle at the end of 30 days and it is working great. I plan to order my third bottle soon. If you are having trouble sleeping please give Stasis a try. You might be pleasantly surprised like I was.


Our SMOKE pre-workout supplement is for anyone looking to have more strength, energy, focus and endurance before and during their workout.

Whether you’re looking to make some serious gains, break out of your plateau or prepare for competition, SMOKE pre-workout supplement has everything you need to gain the advantage.